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Want to know when an ice cream van or a fish van comes to your area? Download Vantoot App!

Find out when it comes, see on the map where it is parked and hear the chimes on your phone!

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Vantoot is currently serving Scotland but we are expanding fast!.


Why use Vantoot?

Maybe you don't know what time your local ice cream van comes to your area or maybe it is skipping your block every time it is around… Vantoot can help you find out the van and notifies you when the mobile retailers are on their way to your area.

Even if your desired van is not coming to your area, Vantoot will let your local driver know about that!

Tell van driver you are here

Let drivers know where you are

Find out where the van is

Spot the location of the van via a real-time, interactive map from the convenience of your smartphone.

Hear the chimes on your phone

Get notified when the van is on its way to your area

Get instant messages from mobile retailers

Be the first to know offers for the round, new products and much more...!

Find the van as easy as that!

  • Enter your post code
    Tell the van driver where he should head to. Tell your friends too! The more people ask for the van to come at the same area, the more possible is to visit your road.

  • Answer the notification
    You are notified once the van starts its journey, as well as when the van is approaching you. Just confirm your interest!

  • Spot the van
    We help you find the position of the van on the map and go directly to it.

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You may not hear the chimes, but you will hear your phone

From now on, you don’t have to stick up your ears trying to find out when the van is coming or where it is located. Vantoot will chase the van for you…

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Great idea, Useful

Sandy Jamieson | Play store

Verry usful and good Now the kids will not miss the ice cream van thanks vantoot.

Aisha Naeem | Play store