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Spot existing & new customers and grow your business effectively.

Vantoot lets retailers on the move know where their customers are in an easy way.

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The service is avaliable only to licensed drivers


How can Vantoot help your business

Vantoot is an easy-to-use platform that helps your business spot customers within the areas you are serving and vice versa.

Find out where your customers are

Vantoot provides you with a map on which you can see where your customers are. Just follow the red dots.

Get more customers

Plan your run according to the demand via a real-time, interactive map, to serve more customers .

Broadcast messages to your customers

Communicate with the customers any special offers for the round.

Let your customers know where you are

Press the "Chime" button every time you stop to give evidence about your location and let your customers find your position easily.

Extend your run to later in the evening

Every time you press the "Chime" button your customers are notified that you are getting close. Therefore you can serve customers without having to chime in reality.

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Easy-to-use platform

  • Press the "Start" button when you start your run

  • Press the "Chime" button every time you park the van to serve custommers

  • Press the"Finish" button when you finish your journey.

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